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If you are interested in full service catering, event bookings or just getting ahold of John and the catering crew at Wil's Grill, feel free to submit a form. 

Reach out today!

Our food truck vending is by reservation, be sure to reach out early as our bookings tend to fill up during peak event seasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Wil’s Grill move their food truck to serve private catering events?

Simply put, our full service catering outfit is a much better option for most privately catered events. We rarely move our neighborhood food truck. Head over to to view menus, contact our catering team and learn more about our services.


Does Wil’s Grill offer delivery?

We sure do! Give the food truck a call, or schedule a delivery online. Deliveries are subject to certain timeframes and minimum orders. If you need something more than BBQ delivered, be sure to check out our full service catering operation at

How long has Wil’s Grill been in business?

The modern version of Wil’s Grill was started by two buddies with a love for cooking with fire. That was back in 2014. Our food truck location in Flagstaff was installed in 2021 with a mission to serve our local neighborhood and travelers alike.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions like gluten and dairy free?

The great thing about high quality BBQ is that most of the time, the gluten and the dairy are only optional. So, the short answer is YES! Just let us know your special requests and we will guide you in the right direction towards which menu items fit your needs.

Do you offer military or first responder discounts?

We recognize the contributions of active military, veterans and first responders and are happy to offer 10% off for anyone that falls into these categories. It is the least we can do. Just be sure to show your credentials to the cashier at checkout and we will get you covered! 

Let's Eat
Some BBQ

Flagstaff, AZ 86001 

(928) 225 5251

Thanks for reaching out, we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

wils grill best food flagstaff arizona .jpg
wils grill best food flagstaff arizona .jpg

Full Service Catering

From Sedona, Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon and across the state of Arizona, Wil’s Grill offers a full service catering
package like no other. We take pride in our ability to customize your culinary experience. Whether or not you are
shopping for a simple BBQ buffet or an elegant, classy, and truly western catering experience, we’ve got you covered.
Don’t stop at BBQ! Wil’s Grill is proud to offer a wide variety of flavors from around the globe. Our Live Fire Grill service
contributes heavily to the atmosphere of your special occasion and will inspire your guests by providing a truly unique,
Arizona experience. Remember, our food truck may stay in our neighborhood, but we certainly “Have Grill, Will Travel.”

wils grill best food flagstaff arizona .jpg

Serving Lunch & Dinner:
Pop- Up Food Truck

Wil’s Grill offers lunch and dinner service at our food
truckby reservation Flagstaff and Northern Arizona Region! After years of special events vending and private catering, we just couldn’t resist the advice of our loyal customers to open up a pop-up on location Food Truck. With food truck specific specials, killer deals, and a fresh look at the BBQ scene,
Wil’s Grill Food Truck is a smash hit for food vending at any event. Stop by and get your fill of Flagstaff favorite local BBQ dishes!

wils grill best food flagstaff arizona .jpg
Wils grill food trucks flagstaff.jpg

Event Bookings

Are you a special events coordinator looking to add appeal and superb atmosphere to your event? With over 30 years of
collective experience, the events crew at Wil’s Grill is your go-to events vendor. Specializing in on or off grid, high
capacity special events, Wil’s Grill truly lives up to our motto: “Have Grill, Will Travel.” From the Flagstaff Pro Rodeo to
the Pickin’ in the Pines bluegrass festival, Wil’s Grill has served em all! Next time you are hoping to add that professional,
rustic, and vibrant culinary ambiance to your event, be sure to give us a call.

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